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Lower back pain, twinges in your calf, and neck tension causing a headache? With a Whirlcare hot tub your own masseur is always at your service. Especially for a common health problem, back pain, a whirlpool tub can provide relief. The therapeutic purpose as well as the prophylactic effect of regular whirlpool tub use have also been proven in a variety of studies for a range of ailments


With each of our Whirlcare Pools, you can be sure that the jets are perfectly anatomically placed and will work directly on the muscular reaction points and problem areas to promote better health and wellbeing.

„When developing the Whirlcare spa baths, special attention to important medical-anatomical aspects was paid right from the start,“ confirms Dr. med. Bertram Schädle from Tübingen. The specialist in anaesthetics, intensive care and preclinical emergency medicine provides Whirlcare advice with his medical expertise. His specialist field also includes the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions.
Unfortunately, there are still too many whirlpool tubs that do not pay any attention to these issues. Jets sitting in the wrong place or aimed directly at the spine may, according to Dr. Schädle, even cause damage and provoke skin and nerve irritation.
 Hydromassages also offer many benefits for physically active people . They are an ideal aid in preventing muscle cramps or relieving bruises or joint pain. At the same time, hydromassages can improve the metabolism, support circulation, and improve sleep quality

The 7 Whirlcare® massage zones

Neck and shoulder area
Sole / back of the foot & reflex zones
Back, hip and tailbone area
Chest and abdominal area
Hands and carpal tunnel
Legs and calves
Sequence massage
„If water is an excellent means for the healthy
man to maintain his health and strength, it is
the most natural, simplest, cheapest and, if used correctly,
the safest remedy.“
Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897)
Pastor Sebastian Kneipp had experienced the healing power of water first-hand.


The healing power of water

However, treatments with warm or cold water have been in existence for much longer. For thousands of years, people have been bathing in hot springs to relieve their pain and increase their well-being. Even the ancient Greeks attributed a special healing power to water, and traces of the highly developed Roman bathing culture can still be found everywhere today. The honorary Roman citizen Antonius Musa is
considered the true father of hydrotherapy: in 23 BC he cured Emperor Augustus of a serious illness by using water treatments.

Elixir of life and natural remedy

Water is therefore not only the source of all life, but also a natural remedy, the positive properties of which are used in hydrotherapy. It is a natural therapy with the aim of alleviating joint and muscle problems, relaxing the muscles, strengthening cardiovascular health and the immune system, stimulating blood circulation, relieving stress and even lowering blood pressure. But what happens to our body in water? According to the principle of Archimedes, the buoyancy of a body is as great as the weight of the displaced medium, in this case, of water. As a result, the body in water has only about ten percent of its actual weight. For comparison: you would „weigh“ significantly more than this on the moon – there you would be about 30 percent of your earth body weight! The natural buoyancy of water creates a feeling of (almost) weightlessness. This can help to reduce tension and relieve the strain on joints, ligaments, and bones. In addition, there is hydrostatic pressure due to the surrounding volume of water, which has an effect on your blood vessels: circulation is stimulated and the oxygenation of the blood improves.

Balm for body, mind and soul

It is not for nothing that, in most cultures, water is considered to be precious and salutary, a source of inspiration, and an element that brings body, mind and soul into harmony. The knowledge of its effects has been developed thanks to the latest technology and is used specifically in hydromassage – the core function of a whirlpool tub.

Here water and/or air is pumped through the integrated jets, creating the massaging effect. In addition, the warm whirlpool bath water relaxes the mind and body and leads to a feeling of well-being.

Since body size and girth are usually different for men and women, it is particularly important to choose the most suitable whirlpool tub. In addition, different needs should be taken into account. For example, while a man with a height of 190 cm will usually appreciate a powerful back massage, his 170 cm-tall girlfriend may well prefer a gently pulsating massage in the foot and calf area.

The massage seat or the lounger should fit the respective body size and the equipment should be adjusted to the requirements or better still combine everything in itself. The price difference between an almost perfect or the perfect hot tub is usually low, but the difference in long-term added value is enormous.

The massage jets are a relaxing and soothing element provided they are optimally placed and adapted in strength for the user's body and needs. The targeted improvement in blood circulation of the skin, joints and muscles can help release tension and relieve pain. Anyone who enjoys a classic massage knows how good it is! The use of whirlpool baths to improve health and as prophylaxis is also recommended by the German Society for Health Care (DGGV).