The reasons for Whirlcare


“Every day treat yourself to the most beautiful moments and bathe your body, soul and spirit in inner harmony”
(Sarah Bernhardt)


“Do something good for your body, so that your soul wants to live in it.”

(Theresa von Ávila)


“For in the end it is only the mind that brings all technology to life!”

(Johann-Wolfgang von Goethe)

The unique hydromassage

Lower back pain, twinges in your calf, and neck tension causing a headache? With a Whirlcare hot tub your own masseur is always at your service. Especially for a common health problem, back pain, a whirlpool tub can provide relief. The therapeutic purpose as well as the prophylactic effect of regular whirlpool tub use have also been proven in a variety of studies for a range of ailments.

Sequence massage

Whirlpool baths with a sequence massage provide a holistic relaxation experience: simply relax in warm water while 27 different programmes intensively massage all the areas of the body one after the other. Enjoy an optionally gentle or powerful massage alternately of the upper body, back and legs. As the lounger also has a water flow regulator, you have countless hydromassage options.

The Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is considered a beneficial holistic adjunctive therapy. The corresponding fragrances are sprayed into and used in the whirlpool tub‘s water, which can have positive effects, especially in relation to mental and spiritual imbalances. Only special fragrances suitable for whirlpool tubs may be used, otherwise the hydrojets and the pipe system may be damaged. The effect can range from calming and antispasmodic, to mood-enhancing and concentration-promoting, to analgesic. Depending on your mood and well-being, you can improve your well-being with the right choice of the aroma.

The colour therapy

Colour light therapy is based on the fact that each colour has its own wave spectrum and thus a specific effect: stimulating or soothing, encouraging or balancing. Idiomatically, this is clear to everyone: You might be a yellow-bellied coward, or quickly see red, until everything is in the green again. You may be feeling blue or seeing life through rose-tinted glasses. In alternative medicine, colour light therapy is often used to alleviate mental and sychosomatic complaints. It is also used to stimulate or harmonise body functions and to eliminate disturbances in energy flows. Whirlcare tubs with colour light therapy have different LED light points that can sit above or below the waterline. Using the colours red, yellow, green and blue, shades of different wavelengths can be mixed at the push of a button to create different moods.

The Sound therapy

Let yourself be enchanted by the magic of music – the sound system in your Whirlcare will help you to relax and enjoy your personal sound therapy. Systems with subwoofers, which transmit the vibrations to the water and make them perceptible below the surface, are particularly pleasing. The music to be played can be controlled via Bluetooth, USB or wireless remote.

Skinoxyform - Skin therapy

Do you want to do something good for your skin, improve your ability to regenerate, feel fresher, and look younger for longer? Give it an extra oxygen kick with Skinoxyform. Millions of tiny oxygen bubbles caress your body as you lie relaxed in the Whirlcare. The micro-bubbles penetrate deep into the skin, eliminate impurities, and provide natural moisture. The production of collagen, responsible for strength, structure and strength, is boosted. You feel refreshed and balanced. Skinoxyform, Whirlcare‘s innovative hydro-oxygen application, increases the oxygen content in the water by more than 70 percent. This stimulates the metabolism, improves cell growth and the deep hydration of the skin, even reducing lines and wrinkles.

Den Winterblues einfach wegsprudeln.

Whirlcare Yoga

What do pigeons, horses, cats, and cows have to do with a whirlpool tub? A whole lot! Whirlpool yoga is the new fitness trend that combines the benefits of hydrotherapy with stretching, strengthening, breathing, and relaxation exercises. Yoga is a millennia-old Indian doctrine that originally served spiritual purposes: the search for enlightenment through meditation. Nowadays – as the antithesis to everyday stress and pressure to perform – the focus is on the holistic approach that aims to harmonise body, mind and soul. Those who practice yoga regularly can improve their fitness and vitality, strengthen their body, and find more inner peace.

A highly stable steel frame

A highly stable hot-dip galvanised steel frame forms the framework of your Whirlcare pool. Most manufacturers use wood or WPC (wood-plastic composite) for the frame of the tub. Since wood swells due to heat and moisture and can become unstable, it has to be impregnated and thus becomes special waste. With WPC, hardness and dimensional stability are very dependent on the manufacturing process, which is why it cannot be assigned to a specific durability class. Hot-dip galvanized steel, on the other hand, has long-term corrosion protection and can withstand the highest loads. In addition, steel is a material that can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality.

ISO GREEN Insulation

Enjoying a whirlpool bath is a year-round pleasure. High-quality, energyoptimized insulation, which keeps the energy consumption under control even in very cold weather, is therefore the alpha and the omega. Essentially, a distinction is made between hot tubs with full foam or with multiple insulation layers and air cushions between them.

If the hot tub is completely foamed, as many manufacturers do, quick and easy access to the technology is no longer possible because it is hard to scrape out the foam insulation. Thus, repairs and maintenance work is time consuming and expensive. Conventional Styrofoam with silver foil or insulating wool is not efficient enough and problematic in the environmental balance.

Whirlcare uses the innovative Iso Green high-performance insulation in all models, which is fully recyclable. The graphite particles contained therein reflect the heat emitted by the pumps and the hot tub, which is why no silver-reflective foil is required. Iso Green achieves a low energy standard with a U-value of 0.32. 


Whirlcare Reinforcing

Many manufacturers use glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) to strengthen the whirlpool baths. The vapours and dusts in GRP processing pose a health risk to humans and may affect the production equipment or the plastic parts themselves. The recovery is problematic: Once cured, GRP cannot be remelted and disassembled into its components. As a material, GRP is in recycling class seven, which does not provide for reuse. We do not want to harm the environment or our employees. Whirlcare uses a novel, energy-efficient multi-component polyurethanebased reaction system for the tube reinforcement that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The PU material contains no plasticisers or solvents. Both the material and the spraying with state-of-the-art robots allow faster, environmentally friendly and individual production of your desired Whirlcare.

Whirlcare Protective Panel

Also pollutant-free and completely recyclable is the Protective Panel – the outer lining of our Whirlcare hot tubs. The material used here is much higher quality than conventional wood or plastic panels, which require care and quickly become unsightly due to weathering. It is impact and heat resistant and has very good thermal and sound insulating properties. The Whirlcare Protective Panel is characterised by durability and light fastness and looks almost as it did on the day of delivery even after ten years. An additional advantage: Our outer panelling is easy to dismantle and reassemble so that the electrical connection or any maintenance can be done easily.

Whirlcare Protective Coat

A good thermal cover is the easiest way to keep the heat in the Whirlcare and save energy. It also prevents contamination from leaves or insects, which is especially important when the Whirlcare is in the garden unprotected. Therefore, it is part of the Whirlcare and comes as standard with the purchase of a Whirlcare spa. The Whirlcare Protective Coat is extremely hard wearing due to its special construction and the materials used, and is so safe and stable that you can even walk on it. At the same time, it has better insulation values than conventional covers. This is partly due to the innovative high-performance Iso Green insulation, which we also use for the external insulation of our Whirlcare whirlpools. Iso Green is much more efficient than polystyrene or any other insulating material and is fully recyclable. On the inside and on the underside of the Whirlcare Protective Coat, we have incorporated a net-like special fabric whose special structure dissipates water vapour and condensed water and drains it off. As a result, moisture cannot settle, preventing mould growth and significantly extending the life of the cover.

Important components

Our high-quality Hydro Power Pump are extremely energy-saving, efficient and powerful. Due to their high throughput, they are the ideal therapy pumps even for large spa systems. Because the more water volume forced through the pipes, the greater the massage pressure in the whirlpool. Unlike many manufacturers, Whirlcare does not use a two-stage pump system, but rather uses a separate energy saving circulation pump for water circulation, regardless of the total number of pumps. This preserves the full pumping power for the hydromassage, giving you more power with less electricity consumption.

crystal clear - the ozone system

The additional water disinfection with ozone and/or UV light (depending on the model) reliably kills germs and bacteria and reduces the need for water treatment agents, such as chlorine, active oxygen, bromine or biologically-based additives. An ozone system ensures the natural disinfection of the water and the pipe system. Ozone is an unstable molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms and is one of the most effective antibacterial agents: Upon contact with water-wetted substances, it transfers its third atom to this material. Viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms are destroyed.

Smart Wellness

Adjust the temperature, activate energy saving modes and change circulation cycles: Our newly developed app allows you to retrieve all the information about your Whirlcare on the go and control all essential functions via your smartphone. You can also order water care products and accessories online via the app.

If you wish, retailers and manufacturers can communicate directly with your Whirlcare, read error codes via the maintenance app and rectify any faults online. Even adapting essential functions to your needs is possible. This comfortable service is standard in all models of the E, S and K-Luxury editions.

High-quality sound system

Due to the special insulation and its structure, your Whirlcare becomes a unique sounding body: no banging or humming, as sometimes happens with full foam or pools with wooden or WPC frames. You can use Bluetooth and a wireless remote control to choose which music should be played. Whirlcare‘s Smart Spa can even be voice-activated: It combines voice input, WiFi function and powerful speakers with the integration of Amazon Alexa. This allows you to enjoy music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music and many more while in the hot tub – perfect for your next Whirlcare party!

Chromazone Lighting Technology

Infinite color control with SpaTouch ™ and SpaTouch2 ™. The newly developed technology allows you to divide your color light therapy into zones and groups via the control panel. Pre-program speed and automatic change options. There are over 16.7 million possible color variants deposited. Turn your Whirlcare on Relax or Party and Lighting Technology will do the rest.

Strongest massage

With our jets, we have also made sure that they work directly on the muscle trigger points and problem areas. That‘s why you‘ll find more jets in almost every Whirlcare pool than similar models from other brands. Because a nozzle that does not exist, cannot massage you. Want more broad water jets for large-scale massages? Or prefer to work on a specific body part? No problem! A wide range of different nozzle inserts ensures that you can also customize your Whirlcare later on. Everyone can swap them out with minimal effort – it doesn’t get any more customised than that!