Technology Reasons

The inner values

A whirlpool bath is without question a gem in your garden or on the terrace. But a beautiful look alone is not enough. It is the intrinsic values that determine whether you will enjoy it for a long time or are annoyed by repairs and exorbitant energy costs. Whirlcare has more than a modern design. We use only durable, pollutant-free and energy-efficient materials that protect the environment and your wallet. This starts with the highly stable, CDC-coated steel frame and extends to the Protective Panel – our high-quality, fully recyclable outer panelling. In between are a lot of innovations.


Solid basis
The tub base and the tub body

A sturdy ABS tub base adds stability to your Whirlcare. ABS is used wherever the highest impact resistance is required, for example in vehicle body parts. The material is easy to work with, which has a positive effect on the manufacturing costs, and can be easily reused. In addition, it protects your whirlpool bath against harmful external influences or uninvited visitors, such as rodents and

Our (thermo) deep-drawn hot tubs are made of top-quality sanitary acrylic specially designed for continuous outdoor use. The material is weatherproof and UV-resistant, durable and colour-fast,
while remaining easy-care and easy to recycle.

The antibacterial body inhibits the growth of bacteria and harmful micro-organisms and improves hygiene in your spa. From the noble marble white to the iridescent pearlescent glow to the mysteriously shimmering midnight opal, there is a wide range of colours to choose from.


Extremely stable
Our CDC-coated steel frame

A highly stable CDC-coated steel frame forms the framework of your Whirlcare pool. Most manufacturers use wood or WPC (wood-plastic composite) for the frame of the tub.

Since wood swells due to heat and moisture and can become unstable, it has to be impregnated and thus becomes special waste. With WPC, hardness and dimensional stability are very dependent on the manufacturing process, which is why it cannot be assigned to a specific durability class.

CDC-coated steel, on the other hand, has long-term corrosion protection and can withstand the highest loads. In addition, steel is a material that can be recycled again and again without any loss of quality.


For you, for us and a
sustainable future
Tub reinforcement -
Whirlcare® Reinforcing

Many manufacturers use glass-fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) to
strengthen their hot tubs. The vapours and dusts in GRP processing
pose a health risk to humans and may affect the production
equipment or the plastic parts themselves. The recovery is problematic: Once cured, GRP cannot be remelted and
disassembled into its components. As a material, GRP is in
recycling class seven, which does not provide for reuse.
We do not want to harm the environment or our employees.
Whirlcare uses a novel, energy-efficient multi-component
polyurethane-based reaction system for the tube reinforcement
that is biodegradable, environmentally friendly and recyclable. The PU material contains no plasticisers or solvents.
Both the material and the spraying with state-of-the-art robots
allow faster, environmentally friendly and individual production
of your desired Whirlcare.


Defies all weathers
Our high-performance insulation ISO GREEN

Enjoying a whirlpool bath is a year-round pleasure. High-quality, energy-optimized insulation, which keeps the energy consumption under control even in very cold weather, is therefore the alpha and the omega. Essentially, a distinction is made between hot tubs with full foam or with multiple insulation layers and air cushions between them.

If a hot tub is completely foamed, as many manufacturers do, quick and easy access to the technical parts is no longer possible, because you have to scrape out the foam insulation first. Thus, repairs and maintenance work is time consuming and expensive.

Whirlcare uses the innovative Iso Green high-performance insulation in all models, which is fully recyclable. The graphite particles contained therein reflect the heat emitted by the pumps
and the hot tub, which is why no silver-reflective foil is required.

Iso Green achieves a low energy standard with a U-value of 0.32. In order to achieve a similar high efficiency of the insulation, brickwork with a thickness of 55 cm would be necessary!


Whirlcare® Protective Panel
Colourfast and UV-resistant

Also pollutant-free and completely recyclable is the Protective Panel – the outer panelling of our Whirlcare hot tubs. The material used here is of much higher
quality than conventional wood or plastic panels, which require care and quickly become unsightly due to weathering. It is impact and heat resistant and has very
good thermal and sound insulating properties. The Whirlcare Protective Panel is characterised by durability and light fastness and looks almost as it did on the day of delivery even after ten years.

An additional advantage: Our outer panelling is easy to dismantle and reassemble so that the electrical connection or any maintenance can be done easily.
To harmonize your Whirlcare with your surroundings, you can choose between many outer panel standard designs and, depending on the edition, a variety of other design options for each model.

Standard Colors

Special Colors

Metall Optic

Wood Optic


Whirlcare® Protective Coat
Protection against dirt and heat loss

A good thermal cover is the easiest way to keep the heat in the Whirlcare and save energy. It also prevents contamination from leaves or insects, which is especially important when the Whirlcare is in the garden unprotected. Therefore, it is part of the Whirlcare and comes as standard with the purchase of a Whirlcare spa. The Whirlcare Protective Coat is extremely hard wearing due to its special construction and the materials used, and is so safe and stable that you can even walk on it. At the same time, it has better insulation values than conventional covers. This is partly due to the innovative high-performance Iso Green insulation, which we also use for the external insulation of our Whirlcare whirlpools.

Iso Green is much more efficient than polystyrene or any other insulating material and is fully recyclable. On the inside and on the underside of the Whirlcare Protective Coat, we have incorporated a net-like special fabric whose special structure dissipates water vapour and condensed water and drains it off. As a result, moisture cannot settle, preventing mould growth and significantly extending the life of the cover.


The hydro & air jets
Your personal masseur under water

In a Whirlcare, there are large and small jets, alternating or rotating, air and hydro jets or a combination of both. They provide the massage effect, with the positioning, pressure and adjustability decisive for the physiological benefit. High-quality ball bearings and individually adjustable nozzles are an important quality feature here.
With our jets, we have also made sure that they work directly on the muscle trigger points and problem areas. That's why you'll find more jets in almost
every Whirlcare pool than in similar models from other brands. Because a jet
that does not exist, cannot massage you.
You want more broad water jets for large-scale massages? Or prefer to work on a specific body part? No problem! A wide range of different nozzle inserts ensures that you can also customize your Whirlcare later on. Everyone can swap them with minimal effort – it doesn't get any more individual than that!


Hydrojets are responsible for effective hydromassages. The desired
massage effect is created by warm water being pumped through these
high pressure nozzles. Large hydrojets have a higher water flow and are
intended primarily for larger areas such as the back. These can achieve a
deeper massage effect. Small jets, on the other hand, are ideal for the
intensive and targeted massaging of certain body parts.


Rotating jets provide a circular massage through a rotating jet of water,
which acts on a larger body surface and is therefore considered to be gentler.


The volcano jet is a large bubble jet placed in the middle of a Whirlcare. It
also allows you to massage those areas of your body that are not usually
reached by traditional whirlpool tub models, such as the chest and abdomen.


Pulsar jets cause a pulse-like massage via a powerful jet of water with an
intense hydrotherapeutic effect.


In the case of airjets, air – pre-warmed in Whirlcare products – is pumped
through the jets, causing lots of air bubbles to rise in the whirlpool bath
(see also hot blowers). Airjets have no massaging effect, but merely
enhance the relaxing effect of whirling. The air bubbles stimulate the
body’s nerve fibres, and this can positively affect the autonomic nervous
system and thus also your inner balance.


Control with operating panel
Whirlpools & Swim-Spas

Your individual advantage: Balboa® or Gecko®

For maximum ease of use, we only use market leaders in control technology, such as Balboa, Gecko or our own Whirlcare control system. For each model, we have selected the ideal control and pump technology with the appropriate control panels for you. This makes the operation of your Whirlcare child’s play.
To ensure that your spa control system is always up to date, further developments in the area of control technology are conveniently carried out by means of an update: In the S and K-Luxury editions, the software can be easily updated online.

Out of home

The Whirlcare is always in economy mode, the temperature is reduced.

Starter mode

The Whirlcare is never in sleep mode. The filtration takes over the basic setting.

Energy Saver

The Whirlcare is temporarily in energy-saving mode during extended periods of absence and will heat up after a preset date.

Super Energy Saver

The Whirlcare is in energy-saving / winter mode every day of the week.


The Whirlcare is in energy-saving mode every day of the week and heats up at the weekend

High-tech and intuitive operation in one
  • Intelligent smartphone control
  • Touch control panel directly at the pool (from S-Edition)
  • Operation even with wet hands
  • App for worldwide bidirectional control
  • Powerful Bluetooth sound system
  • Control all important settings centrally
  • Reminder when filter change is pending
  • Direct reorder from the pool possible
  • Control of audio system and colour therapy


Smart Home Integration
Intelligent & Interactive

Adjust the temperature, activate energy saving modes and change circulation cycles: Our newly developed app allows you to retrieve all the information about your Whirlcare on the go and control all essential functions via your smartphone. You can also order water care products and accessories online via the app.
If you wish, retailers and manufacturers can communicate directly with your Whirlcare, read error codes via the maintenance app and rectify any faults online. Even adapting essential functions to your needs is possible. This comfortable service is standard in all models of the E, S and K-Luxury editions.


The development of the Smart Spa has enabled us to offer Smart Home integration via Alexa and Google Home for all models of the S and K Luxury edition as well. For example, you can comfortably control your Whirlcare hot tub or prepare it for a whirl session from the living room.

Active part of your Smart Home
in the Whirlcare<sup>®</sup> Smart Spa
  • Holistic networking
  • Full control
  • Worldwide control by voice
  • Bidirectional control
  • Easier operation


Music helps you relax. That’s why most of our Whirlcare pools are equipped with a high-quality subwoofer sound system. It transfers the vibrations to the water and makes them perceptible even below the surface, which is perceived as particularly pleasant.

Due to the special insulation and its structure, your Whirlcare becomes a unique sounding body: no
banging or humming, as sometimes happens with full foam or pools with wooden or WPC frames.

You can use Bluetooth and a wireless remote control to choose which music should be played. Whirlcare’s Smart Spa can even be voice-activated: It combines voice input, WiFi function and powerful speakers with the integration of Amazon Alexa. This allows you to enjoy music streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music and many more while in the hot tub – perfect for your next Whirlcare party! Even if things get a bit more lively, you need not worry about your speakers.

Our retractable, waterproof speakers are also used on ocean-going vessels and withstand even chlorine and salt water (voice control is optionally available in E-, S- and K-Luxury-Edition, too).


Whirlcare® Comfort
Anatomically correct design

Perfect relaxation can only be achieved if a seat also suits the physical conditions. That is why we have not only paid attention to the correct positioning of the jets in our Whirlcare pools, but also to an anatomically correct design of the massage seats and loungers. Each model has different shaped seats, which are designed for different body sizes and dimensions.
You can enjoy a highly effective back massage, for example in the so-called „Captain’s Seat“ of the K-Luxury Edition. A variety of jets ensures that almost all muscle trigger points are reached. At the same time, you receive an intensive neck and shoulder massage intended to relieve even deep-seated tension.

Your private spa area
Centrepiece and eye-catche at once – the perfect combination of form and function. Whether cosy relaxation for two or a pool party with friends: A Whirlcare spa is the focal point and eye-catcher of your private spa area. So that you can enjoy your wellness experience with all your senses, Whirlcare combines maximum functionality with a modern design, which inspires thanks to its timeless elegance and a distinctive style.


Thorough disinfection
Crystal clear, clean and environmentally friendly

OZONE and UV-Light

The additional water disinfection with ozone and/or UV light (depending on the model) reliably kills germs and bacteria and reduces the need for water treatment agents, such as chlorine, active oxygen, bromine or biologically-based additives. An ozone system ensures the natural disinfection of the water and the pipe system. Ozone is an unstable molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms and is one of the most effective antibacterial agents: Upon contact with water-wetted substances, it transfers its third atom to this material. Viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms are destroyed. Due to the disinfecting properties of ozone, additional cleaning agents are only needed in small doses, which is why this method is also well suited for allergy sufferers. In addition, the ozone system reduces water hardness and keeps the water pH-neutral.

The water purification with the help of a UV system is very thorough: almost 100% of all viruses and
bacteria are eliminated. Since no chemicals are used here, this type of disinfection is also used in bottling
plants, waterworks and hospitals to render bacteria, yeasts, fungi and other micro-organisms innocuous.
The method is hypo-allergenic and therefore particularly suitable if small children are using the hot tub
too. The chlorine needed can be reduced by up to 80 percent, which prevents skin irritation. The UV
system ensures crystal clear and clean water and is particularly environmentally friendly.

Best water quality for maximum
wellness and enjoyment

As you step into your Whirlcare, you can enjoy crystal clear, hygienic water. The multi-stage filter and water purification system ensures unadulterated bathing fun with minimal care.

Efficient skimmer and filter technology

The efficient skimmer technology in every Whirlcare automatically removes dirt particles and contamination from insects, leaves, foliage or pollen from the water surface. Here, water is sucked in and transported into the filter area. Larger foreign bodies remain in the collecting sieve, while suspended particles are caught by the filters.


By this you recognize an original
Whirlcare® Whirlpool or Swim-Spa

The Whirlcare® neck pillow in two colours (light gray and black) with a black or white Whirlcare® signature logo inlay.

The Whirlcare® diverter for a better handling (also with wet hands perfectly grippy) as Whirlcare® signature circle logo.

The Whirlcare® has embossed the circle logo signature in the lower area.

No jets point directly at the spine

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