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The world of Swim Spas

Swim-Spa Edition


The Swim-Spa Surfer with its 1-chamber system is designed for athletic, active persons, as here the regeneration area has the same water temperature as in the trainin or swim mode.

Full Power with 4 Pumps:
1 x 2,5 HP + 3 x 3,0 HP

Swim-Spa Edition


The Swim-Spa Family is the ideal spa, sports and leisure pool for the home. With its 2-chamber system, you can enjoy wellness, for example. at 38 degrees and leisure e.g. at 27 degrees. Everyone does what they like.

Full Power with 5 Pumps:
1 x 2,5 HP + 4 x 3,0 HP

Swim-Spa Edition


The Swim-Spa Wellpower convinces through performance. Here are the fitness people who want to keep your body fit or optimize. Of course regeneration should not be missing.

Full Power with 5 Pumps:
1 x 2,5 HP + 4 x 3,0 HP




Jets total




Jets total




Jets total

Swim Spas combine the best of both worlds. They offer the benefits of having a whirlpool tub combined with the benefits of a small-sized swimming pool at a low cost. With the exclusive Swim Spas from Whirlcare you have every conceivable option for sports, therapy 3,15,22, and wellness. With a powerful counterflow system, the latest propeller technology, a one or two-chamber system, highly effective massage jets, and other features as required, your muscles and body can be brought into top shape. Whirlcare Industries GmbH even produces Swim Spas of up to twelve meters in length in its newly built production facility in Deißlingen-Lauffen, making it the largest on the market.

Special sports equipment such as underwater trampolines or aquabikes, swimming straps, or rowing exercise equipment allow for a tailor-made, individual fitness programme in your own Swim Spa.

Creative outdoor solutions

The swim spa already contains all of its technology.
Thus you have the individual possibility to adapt your Swim-Spa in 3 variants to your outdoor area.

Swim-Spa Wellness Relaxation Regeneration Prevention

In the 1-chamber system, your relaxation and massage area is located at the back of the swim spa so that the benefits of hydromassage are not neglected in the swim spa. Relaxation after training is only a short walk away.

In the 2-chamber system, the hydromassage is set up separately in the whirlpool area. The advantage here is the separate control of the water temperature. So while you exercise your sports and fitness program, your loved one or visitor in the spa area with a pleasant feel-good temperature relax and enjoy the highest level of wellness.

The all-rounders in your garden for limitless space and save Space, energy and work compared to a conventional swimming pool, as the entire technology is already installed in the swim spa.

Swim-Spa Fitness Endurance Training

The swim spa offers you every conceivable form of fitness workout in the water. With many different fitness equipment such as Aqua Bikes, Aqua Trampolines and treadmills you can train effectively and specifically. Fitness at home gets a whole new meaning with your swim spa. Here, intensive training pair with cool refreshment and recovery. The massage effect of the water stimulates the circulation and strengthens the connective tissue. The sportive activity in the water is particularly gentle on tendons and joints. It is not for nothing that many clinics, baths and therapy facilities offer aqua training for rehab after injuries or surgery.
The secret? The powerful countercurrent system.

Swim-Spa Entertainment Smart Home Sound Party


Soundsystem incl. Subwoofer belong to the standard equipment

LED Lightshow

Depending on the model, up to 100 LEDs are installed in the entire swim spa area

smart home

Entertainment easy to control via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module

Who does not like to go to the garden party with friends and acquaintances? Now your outdoor area has its own entertainment area with the swim spa. The installed sound system ensures optimum sound and relaxation or event character. And it’s also very easy via Bluetooth and integrated WiFi module.

With an outdoor TV, you can not only exercise your sports program, but also play your favorite program or your holiday pictures and videos. There’s nothing to stand in the way of your summer garden party or relaxing in the swim spa. Make the most of your wellness oasis. Having fun together! And the best: Equally for big and small!

Swim Spa Experience

Aqua Fitness with Sportpool TV

The Club for Pool-owner

With our partner SportpoolTV you have around 100 training videos available. Decide for yourself how much time you want to spend on your training. SportpoolTV only has professional trainers under contract who have planned, created and tested the training sessions.

Aqua Cycling

The Address for Aqua Bikes

Aqua Biking is a fitness sport that is accessible to all. The bikes are suitable for experienced athletes, as well as recreational athletes and individuals who want to do something for their physical fitness. The popular Aqua bikes are available from our general distributor Whirlpools World in Deißlingen-Lauffen.

Outdoor TV

Your specialist for Outdoor TV

Outdoor TVs are specially designed and developed to resist rain, snow, dust, insects, salt air, humidity and extreme temperatures. So you can enjoy your favorite program outdoors during your relaxation or training phase. Not only for your spa area a true entertainment experience.