Smart Wellness

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Intelligent & Interaktive, more than an App

For maximum ease of use, we only use market leaders in control technology, such as Balboa, Gecko or our own Whirlcare control system. For each model, we have selected the ideal control and pump technology with the appropriate control panels for you. This makes the operation of your Whirlcare child‘s play. To ensure that your whirlpool control system is always up to date, further developments in the area of control technology are conveniently carried out by means of an update: In the S and K-Luxury editions, the software can be easily updated online.

Intelligent and Interaktive

Adjust the temperature, activate energy saving modes and change circulation cycles: Our newly developed app allows you to retrieve all the information about your Whirlcare on the go and control all essential functions via your smartphone. You can also order water care products and accessories online via the app. If you wish, retailers and manufacturers can communicate directly with your Whirlcare, read error codes via the maintenance app and rectify any faults online. Even adapting essential functions to your needs is possible. This comfortable service is standard in all models of the E, S and K-Luxury editions. If a technician needs to come to you, thanks to Smart Control technology, he will already be well informed and have the right accessories or the right spare parts with him. This saves time, money and your nerves, as your spa will be ready for use again in no time. Our Smart Spa 732 Excellence occupies a unique position: It has revolutionised the wellness industry with its interactive voice control and smart home integration as the world‘s first intelligent and interactive whirlpool bath.

Whirlcare gets an active part of your Smart-Home


Comprehensive integration of technical facilities and equipment.


Complete control over all devices: Operate everything from light, heating, sound system, shutters, alarm and security systems up to your Whirlcare.


Worldwide control via voice, app or the internet.


Bidirectional control: Not only for information but also for online commands.


Easier operation for optimal wellness pleasure.