Relaxation for the whole body

“A relaxed person is a healthy person!”

With each of our Whirlcare Pools, you can be sure that the jets are perfectly anatomically placed and will work directly on the muscular reaction points and problem areas to promote better health and wellbeing. „When developing the Whirlcare spa baths, special attention to important medical-anatomical aspects was paid right from the start,“ confirms Dr. med. Bertram Schädle from Tübingen. The specialist in anaesthetics, intensive care and preclinical emergency medicine provides Whirlcare advice with his medical expertise. His specialist field also includes the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions. Unfortunately, there are still too many whirlpool tubs that do not pay any attention to these issues. Jets sitting in the wrong place or aimed directly at the spine may, according to Dr. Schädle, even cause damage and provoke skin and nerve irritation. Hydromassages also offer many benefits for physically active people. They are an ideal aid in preventing muscle cramps or relieving bruises or joint pain. At the same time, hydromassages can improve the metabolism, support circulation, and improve sleep quality.

Our Whirlcare Massage Elements

Neck and shoulder area

Muscle tension in the neck is persistent and often the cause of headaches. Targeted hydromassages in the neck area can relieve these tensions and even relieve migraine complaints. The muscles in the shoulder area tend to tense up if you are stressed. This often causes pain in the shoulders and upper back. The hydro jets in your whirlpool tub will gently massage these sensitive areas, improve blood circulation, and can even release deep-seated tension.

Shoulder, chest and abdominal area

Abdominal and chest pain are often dismissed as psychosomatic when no clinical cause can be found. In fact, tension in muscles and connective tissue / fascia can be the cause. Therefore, some Whirlcare hot tubs also have a volcano jet that massages the abdominal, chest and shoulder area when you position yourself over it.

Hands and carpal tunnel

Our hands are particularly sensitive, yet they have to do hard work every day. Integrated hydrojets for hand massage provide an intense pampering programme that can relieve pain. Many customers use the massage to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome or to support healing and rehab after surgery has already taken place.

Back, hip and tailbone area

Lack of exercise and sitting for long periods of time often cause serious tension in the large muscle areas on the right and left of the spine. This can lead to a variety of other health problems. An effective combination of different nozzles pleasantly stimulates your back and ensures soothing relaxation. Pain in the lower back is a common problem. Some of these pains can quickly spread to cause massive muscle cramps. Special jets create a rotating water stream around the massage area and are used to relieve even the most persistent discomfort. Sitting for too long will quickly lead to tension in the muscles of the hips, thighs and buttocks. The massage jets on the side of the seats stimulate precisely these muscle areas and provide pleasant relief.

"‘s our feet
carrying us through life."

Legs and calves

Tension and hardening in the legs and calves, for example, due to intense sports or wearing high heels, are not only unpleasant, but can also trigger painful muscle spasms. Warmth and gentle massage jets have a beneficial effect and can help here.

Sole / back of the foot & reflex zones

Many nerves end in the feet. For this reason, tired and aching feet often affect our overall well-being. The theory of foot reflexology assumes that there are connections between the organs and parts of the body and certain areas of the foot. A stimulation of the corresponding foot zones is supposed to stimulate blood circulation and activate self-healing powers. The whirlpool jets massage your soles in the upper and lower areas, which can lead to relaxation throughout the body. The foot reflexology is supplemented in some models by an additional back-of-the-foot massage.

Pure relaxation

“Do something good for your body, so that your soul wants to live in it.”


Whirlpool baths with a sequence massage provide a holistic relaxation experience: simply relax in warm water while different programmes intensively massage all the areas of the body one after the other. Enjoy an optionally gentle or powerful massage alternately of the upper body, back and legs. As the lounger also has a water flow regulator, you have countless hydromassage options.