“A jet that does not exist can not massage you!”

The massage jets generate the hydromassage. They make the water bubble in the Whirlcare and soothe the different areas of the body with their massage effects. As each person has different needs and problem areas, there are a variety of nozzle types that have been developed for specific areas of the body. They differ in size, but also in whether they are fixed, rotating or pulsating. While rotating jets create a circulating water movement and thereby develop a particularly relaxing and soothing effect, pulsating massage jets are mainly used in the shoulder or lower back areas where tensions can often be very persistent. At Whirlcare, in addition to the standard massage jets, we also offer many other variants. Among other options, there are roller ball hydrojets, so-called volcano jets for the chest and abdomen, pulsar jets or specific jets for a carpal tunnel massage or the foot reflex zone. We use high-quality ball-bearing and individually-adjustable nozzles which you can adjust according to your personal needs. Since each Whirlcare massage seat or each lounger is structured differently, you can pamper different areas of your body with the massage jets alternately. It is also possible to use the in-built controls to adjust the massage types, pump speed, massage intensity and other settings. So there‘s no cause for boredom and you can enjoy perfect full body massages according to your wishes.


Hydrojets are responsible for effective hydromassages. The desired massage effect is created by warm water being pumped through these high pressure nozzles. Large hydrojets have a higher water flow and are intended primarily for larger areas such as the back. These can achieve a deeper massage effect. Small nozzles, on the other hand, are ideal for the intensive and targeted massaging of certain body parts.

In the case of airjets, air – pre-warmed in Whirlcare products – is pumped through the nozzles, causing lots of air bubbles to rise in the whirlpool tub (see also hot blowers). Airjets have no massaging effect, but merely enhance the relaxing effect of the whirling. The air bubbles stimulate the body‘s nerve fibres, and this can positively affect the autonomic nervous system and thus also your inner balance.


Rotation jets

Rotating jets provide a circular massage through a rotating jet of water, which acts on a larger body surface and is therefore considered to be gentler.

The volcano jet is a large bubble jet placed in the middle of a Whirlcare. It also allows you to massage those areas of your body that are not usually reached by traditional whirlpool tub models, such as the chest and abdomen.

Vulkano jets

Pulsar jets

Pulsar jets cause a pulse-like massage via a powerful jet of water with an intense hydrotherapeutic effect.